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About Us

Blewsters Antiques was founded in 1985 when my wife and I, both just retired, decided to embark on a venture of our love of antiques. We had reared our family and hated extended periods of leisure.

Our son, Carroll Blewster, Jr. had become a successful architect in Baton Rouge, with Bradley Blewster Architects. We asked him' to design a building for our planned store and left him to decide most details.

We, over many years, had accumluated a large collection of rare books, coins, and stamps. So that collection was our starting inventory. Our belief to this day is that antiques are more than just an enjoyment of old things...antiques also are an investment. In other words, antiques are investments you can live with.

With this thought in mind, Veta and I scoured the US, Canada and Europe for inventory we loved and felt certain would become heirlooms and valued investments.

To this day, we have important sources throughout the world. Antique suppliers, personal friends, who keep our inventory filled with wonderful and exciting antiques from every corner of the globe.

As we approach the end of our productive lives, we have elected to turn our business over to our daughter, Gwyn Stuart. Gwyn shares our values and ideas regarding antiques and will continue to provide the public with quality and exciting antiques of every kind.

We hope we have provided our customers with a local and regional source of fine antiques. We believe our daughter will continue this with the help of our valued friend and interior designer, Tommy Griffin, who has been our right arm throughout all our years in business. He has kept Blewsters Antiques a virtual showplace.

Come see for yourself. Let Tommy help you in transforming your house into a home filled with ageless charm. Our sincere thanks to all our customers who have helped us so much in maintaining a serious source for fine antiques in a small southern town.

Tommy Griffin, Veta Blewster, Gwyn Blewster, Carroll Blewster

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